Reflections on our Euroluce


After months of feverish preparation, the 2019 edition of Euroluce is over. Defined at different times as a fair, an event, design week, a trade fair, Salone, international exhibition… everyone working in the sector had a demanding week, and, truth be told, so did the Milanese, who are long-used to this moment of worldwide visibility and the inevitable inconveniences it brings to traffic and transport (and more besides).A non-belligerent invasion of designers, creatives, bloggers, stylists, architects, photographers, agencies, press officers, journalists, institutional representatives, students, design lovers and the merely curious… plus of course staging professionals, catering staff, installers and fitters; but above all clients, entrepreneurs, investors, sales reps, agents and retailers! The whole world of furniture, lighting and design, be it classic or modern, on trend, experimental or commercial wants to – indeed, must – be seen at the Salone.

Logo novantesimo anniversario con Remo
Logotype of our Ninetieth anniversary with del Remo decorated by ZA

This year we returned with our group, following our carefully-deliberated absence at the 2017 edition (we explained our reasons here: and the experience was an absolutely positive one. On the organizational side, it was a major commitment, involving all levels and roles within the group as well as the group’s external collaborators: from the conception on paper of new products to prototypes, from commercial choices to the new printed and digital documentation (catalogues, price lists, technical sheets, summary sheets, press kits, etc.), from setting up the stand to communications for our Ninetieth anniversary, using a wide range of printed and social media tools, now active on an almost daily basis, with a busy calendar of issues and releases, eagerly awaited by all our contacts. And after each important event comes the time to reflect and take stock, because the question we will hear most often now is: “how did the fair go?” Right from the outset, our impression was that there was more activity compared to the previous edition. The Rho Pero exhibition centre was almost fully occupied, with great attendance, well distributed over the five days of the event, all the catering spaces were consistently crowded, which everyone knows is a very reliable indicator! But joking aside, we can say that we recorded a high rate of interest for our new ideas in general (we discuss the products presented here: and, were we to draw up a league table, the award winners would be:

La collezione In&Out
The In&Out collection

undoubtedly the “in&out” lamp collection, which with its broad range and depth (four different families, all wireless, rechargeable, for use both indoors and out) piqued the curiosity of colleagues, technical experts and the general public alike. The most photographed: Twin and Crystal. The former due to the versatility of our vintage-style decorative lamps, which are customizable, appealing and very trendy; the second thanks to its gorgeous micro-lasered screen and the magical transformation that occurs when it is switched on (from transparent, the screen becomes a solid white).

The most technological, and hence most appreciated by the techies was iGloo, with its magnetic attachment, allowing the body of the lamp to be rotated, freely directing its clean, clear beam of light. It also features a very complete family. The most “designer” piece was undoubtedly Terrazza Martini, brainchild of Chiaramonte Marin, with its fascinating combination of a technological LED core and the classic, timeless exterior form of a sphere, complete with vintage-style finishes. But the truth is that there were a great number of products to meet a broad range of different tastes, and they were all met with enthusiasm.

The stand was also a hit, perhaps because it sought to go a step further, proposing something extra in its concept and creativity, with its reference to the traditional courtyard tenements, a celebration of our ties with Milan, together with a tram that explored the most important moments in the history of our business.
Of course, we had our predictions and expectations, and although Euroluce has only just finished, and it may seem a little soon to talk about tangible results, we can say with undisguised satisfaction that every product comfortably met expectations. Perhaps for different reasons, but the work invested in proposing something new, enjoyable, useful and accessible was amply repaid right across the range of models proposed.
We would like to offer a final observation regarding the end consumers who were allowed access to the fair over the weekend. One fact emerged very clearly: the “public” is increasingly well-informed. People come in with clear ideas, undoubtedly they are happy to receive advice, but in the meantime they have already gathered a lot of information regarding their own lighting needs. They proved sensitive to the issues of sustainability and energy saving, and are prepared to take these factors into account in their choices, provided that these coincide with aesthetically pleasing products. They have an opinion which they can easily share and compare, thanks to the possibilities offered by the internet, often establishing a direct relationship with the producer, and bypassing the classic “middle man”, be that an electrician, light designer or specialist store. Thus, they seem inclined towards more well-thought-out choices, less easily sucked into the classic “impulse buy” in response to a desire rather than a need. Indeed, we feel we can talk about evolution right down the line: from producers and distributors through to retailers and customers, everyone essentially shares the same objective, which is to create a new relationship of trust and transparency, all on the same level, enjoying two-way conversations. This, perhaps, was the real new phenomenon at Euroluce.