After months of feverish preparation, the 2019 edition of Euroluce is over. Defined at different times as a fair, an event, design week, a trade fair, Salone, international exhibition… everyone working in the sector had a demanding week, and, truth be told, so did the Milanese, who are long-used to this moment of worldwide visibility and the inevitable inconveniences it brings to traffic and transport (and more besides). Continue reading “Reflections on our Euroluce”

Profuma ancora d’inchiostro il nuovissimo catalogo TECH Rossini Illuminazione

If you have had the chance to read the previous article on how a new Rossini Illuminazione catalogue is produced, you’ll already have some idea of the work “hidden” between the pages of a new publication. We talked about commitment, enthusiasm, organisation and experience, all elements that a product catalogue needs to convey through its pages. But of course the luminaires in all their different sizes and models always remain the fundamental ingredient, and now we’ll tell you how we did it. We start by reminding you that Rossini Illuminazione products are divided into two catalogues, DECO and TECH, in other words, two ways of shaping and describing light that share the expertise of a brand specialised in designing ad hoc lighting systems. A wealth of ideas – from which painstaking research into style and technology becomes apparent – dedicated both to the end consumer and professionals, such as designers and planners, lighting engineers, installers and general contractors. Continue reading “The brand new TECH Rossini Illuminazione catalogue hot off the press”