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Milan, early spring. An office full of papers, many projects in the head, the desire to start a new path for RossiniGroup, a group of three brands of the lighting sector. Take Elisa, who is in charge of marketing and communications for the family business. Add her brother Dario, who coordinates product strategies in relation to a market in constant evolution. Then there is Mara, who -with Valentina and Francesca-propagates in the network digital content, news and topics related to Rossini Illuminazione, 929MILANO and Plexiform. Together they decide the name and “Rossini Illumina” especially means Rossini informs, deepens, recounts, reports. The newborn team (and for reasons of space we don’t name all of them), a little at a time will fill this container, midway between house organ and diary to keep firmly in a direct line with the world of insiders and the general public who loves light, in all its expression. Stay tuned!

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