Profuma ancora d’inchiostro il nuovissimo catalogo TECH Rossini Illuminazione

If you have had the chance to read the previous article on how a new Rossini Illuminazione catalogue is produced, you’ll already have some idea of the work “hidden” between the pages of a new publication. We talked about commitment, enthusiasm, organisation and experience, all elements that a product catalogue needs to convey through its pages. But of course the luminaires in all their different sizes and models always remain the fundamental ingredient, and now we’ll tell you how we did it. We start by reminding you that Rossini Illuminazione products are divided into two catalogues, DECO and TECH, in other words, two ways of shaping and describing light that share the expertise of a brand specialised in designing ad hoc lighting systems. A wealth of ideas – from which painstaking research into style and technology becomes apparent – dedicated both to the end consumer and professionals, such as designers and planners, lighting engineers, installers and general contractors. Continue reading “The brand new TECH Rossini Illuminazione catalogue hot off the press”


“Biomimetic science studies how to transfer to the artificial world biological processes that naturally happen in nature. Man is inspired by nature and by imitating it can find solutions to various problems. The first person to refer to biomimetics was Leonardo Da Vinci when in his studies on flying machines he was inspired by how birds fly. Another example is the roof of the Crystal Palace in London, built in the mid-nineteenth century by the architect and botanist Joseph Paxton who was inspired by a water lily called Victoria Amazonica. But from the industrial revolution to now the scene has inevitably changed because the progress accomplished in the area of modern technology has brought new perspectives for connections between design and biology and offer new ways of interpreting nature.”
(Roberto Panzarani – Continue reading “Biomimetics, a new science.”