Hong Kong means light.


Hong Kong means light. Not only for the yearly lighting fair that takes place at its fair complex, but also for the light show all over the city.

Now at its seventeenth edition, the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is an important – and unique– opportunity to see and talk (as long as you can understand what exhibitors say) about light with the main lighting producers who come mainly from China. Now, Mao country plays the lord and master even on our market, especially when it comes to components and electric parts, namely the so-called Light Emitting Diode, best known as LED!

The fair takes place at a wonderful nest-shaped building on the Victoria Harbour, a reclaimed area, torn from the sea, so that there is a stunning view on the Gulf overlooking the city and the reclamation works to increase the percentage of land are undergoing. The impression is to be in a city that is always subject to building works, a constantly moving city (literally, considering that the land torn from the sea increases every year), not only for the inhabitants of the island who seem to be constantly late to catch the train.

The LED plays the lord and master. However, there are no many innovations and surprises at this edition. A praise has to be given to our beloved made in Italy, since another confirmation comes just from this Chinese fair: the impression is that of a constant déjà-vu of the best products by the best Italian and European brands.

However, you can enjoy the light show especially outside the fair, in the city. This city grows vertically (having 7 million inhabitants in 1104 square km, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the world: due to the lack of space, a vertical development is the only solution). Skyscrapers are in succession along the Victoria Harbour and there is a wonderful view. You can enjoy the skyline from the other side of the sea, not from Hong Kong Island, but in the mainland of Kowloon, or you can enjoy its view even from Victoria Peak hill. They are two opposed but complementary shows.

Go to the Victoria Peak if you want to enjoy a rétro run on the Peak Tram (the first funicular in Asia, dating back to 1888), which is at odds with the modernity of the city. There, you will feel dizzy, enjoy a romantic view and a breeze that relieves from the great moist heat of the city.

Instead, you can reach Kowloon and the district of Tsim Sha Tsui by the Star Ferry (recalling the Staten Island Ferry in New York). After a walk on the sea front, do not miss the light show at 8 p.m.. Every evening, the skyscrapers come to life and, to the beat of music spread over the speakers along the pedestrian path, they light up and light crosses them, playing with reflections, colours, laser and special effects involving 47 buildings in the city. To the beat of LED, of course!


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