Ride at night, nice story!


“After an accident, where I said goodbye to my motorbike, driving license and the ligaments of a knee, they gave me a bike as a present for the rehabilitation of my leg and because it was the only means I could use. My initial skepticism towards two-wheel vehicles left gradually room to a real passion, not only for the bike as a means of transport, but for the realization of a new philosophy of life.

I found that cycling and reaching a place using my legs as an engine was gratifying to me, as well as being outdoors and having a thorough view of the world opened up new horizons. Moreover, the world seen from my two wheels was adrenaline and pure freedom. Thus, I began to look for different ways to customize my bike and make it unique. I made it safer and more visible without sacrificing image and style.

The bike4light is the result of such radical change. ”

Here is the story of Pier Roberto Perzy, a brilliant biker who works for the safety and fun of biking through … the light.

How Bike4Light came out

It came out from the need to cross our streets by two-wheel means in a safer and more visible way, using LED lighting not only to “see”, but to let other people “see you”.


An innovative idea

Avoid the major cause of accidents, the side view of the vehicle, integrating the type-approved reflectors with the latest LED reflectors. Bike4light improves the full visibility of the means by lighting the spokes.


Passion and enthusiasm

Having always loved the originality without sacrificing “beautiful and functional things”, Roberto Perzy selected safe and original products to highlight the Bike4Light


LED for safety

“In 2014, they awarded three physicists with the Nobel Prize thanks to their Light Emitting Diode invention, since this technology will revolutionize and light the world.”

For the amateur cycling, LEDs represent the evolution of traditional reflectors and improve the visibility of those who ride a bike, especially the side view of the vehicle, a quality that the normal current tools do not guarantee totally and that instead would help to avoid a major cause of accidents on two wheels.


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