Relamping, another city does the right thing


The LED lighting drives Bergamo towards the sustainability, so another city does the right thing, in a relamping procedure.

“Bergamo town council decided to replace about 15.000 light points in the city with new LED devices within 2016. Thus, Bergamo conforms to the choices made by major cities, such as Milan, Turin and Brescia, which have already started the work of replacement of public lighting with new LED light devices for a long time. The work concerns the whole town public lighting, except for Upper Bergamo, since they have to carry out a preliminary study and a careful consultation with the Superintendence. By using the new system, the municipality will save 350 thousand euro per year for the next 10 years. The cost of the work, which is equal to 5.6 million euro, will be allocated like that: 2 million euro at the municipality’s expense and 3,6 million euro at A2A’s expense, halving the cost of energy and minimizing the cost of ordinary maintenance of the system. During the replacement phase, A2A will carry out a verification on the stability of lampposts and any criticality will be reported to the Municipality, which will act to ensure the safety of its citizens.”

Administrations are increasingly welcoming the call to sustainability and saving as a common good. In this sense, LED technology has a crucial role. Even Rossini has been working in this sense for a long time, creating products equipped with a LED technology for consumption control… thanks to the advice by Rossini’s staff, you can provide your house with a totally LED lighting system.



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