Lorenzo Illuminated and Illuminating, also on tour.


While looking forward to getting crazy with Jovanotti at the concerts of his Italian tour (next stages Florence and Bologna, here all dates), let’s enjoy his video: Lorenzo Illuminated.

The first word we encounter is “lighting”. A great start then; the first image is instead of Lorenzo who searches the darkness with two flashlights like with binoculars. Light and dark are in conflict all the time: the darkness seems to prevail, it insists, it is rampant. But then there are light beams that strike a detail and take it to the front. Light doesn’t always necessarily wins, which, incidentally, with no darkness won’t be emphasized so strongly in the metaphor of the absolute positive. Light is good, darkness no. It ‘s true, at night everything seems more vivid (only apparent contradiction): feelings are more intense, dreams almost real, thoughts heavier. The non-light urges us to revise every event from another point of view, sometimes even making complex simple things. So it’s nice that the author of “Io penso positivo” wanted the shadows and darkness with him, even though just to show that he can overcome them, or at least handle. In short, an unconventional interview, where the words are accompanied by images and movement. The covered themes are important: love, friendship, life, fear, creativity, religion. Many aspects of a personality that could be joined in one word, mainly: energy. Why is undeniable, Lorenzo Cherubini Jovanotti has energy in spades, and light, too. Lorenzo Illuminated, interview by Nur Al Habash and Emilio Periferico. Video art direction by Toni Thorimbert. Interactive art direction by Marco Rosella.

You can find the complete interview here: www.rockit.it/lorenzo-2015-cc-jovanotti-illuminato/
For those who haven’t still had the chance to see Jovanotti live, these are the dates of its Summer tour: www.soleluna.com/tour
For those who were at the concert in Milan and wants to read an “alternative” review here it is: www.estetica-mente.com/eventi/live/jovanotti

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