Light for the office.


Many of us spend the day stuck to the screen, either big or small. And if the work environment is not lit as it should, fatigue doubles. Read some advice here, they are easy to put into practice although to be honest, the first one is not a suggestion, but a dream: to have an office lit not only by artificial light but also by a beautiful window. It is not always possible, but it would be ideal.

Otherwise, the arrangement of the lights must be managed carefully, because obviously it affects the quality of the environment (and therefore of health), and can also modify the energy costs: if at home lighting affects normally for 15% of the electric bill, for shops and offices, the percentage may be higher than 20%.

Often, the lights stay on all day, along with the glow emanating from the video terminals. So, if we really don’t have a window helping us to manage the general lighting, we must rely on artificial “lux”.

In the workplaces used sporadically, or in passageways, from 100 to 150 lux may be enough, while for environments in which we work constantly with a monitor from 300 to 500 lux are required. Finally, for particularly demanding tasks, we can also get to the average of 1000 lux.

As for the colour tones, we should choose warm or neutral light, never cold, with a colour temperature of about 3000K or 4000K.

It is also true that not to tire the eyes, it is important that light is not too much, especially in the presence of furniture and finishes that reflect refractive light, creating an overload of reflections. That’s where the UGR (Unified Glare Rating) or glare effect, intervenes. This value depends on various elements, including the arrangement of the illuminating devices and the characteristics of the environment (size, indices of reflection) as well as of the appliance itself. The smaller the value, the lower the glare: a number considered appropriate for a situation such as office, is 19, so that the devices suitable for installation in spaces with monitors often have a symbol indicating UGR <19.

One of the latest creations in Plexform production is Sistema9 which owes its name to the incredible UGR<9! But this is not the only product produced by Plexiform and Rossini Illuminazione suitable and recommended to illuminate an office. In this gallery, a selection of our products among the most tried and tested for use in environments with VDT and some of our creations.

As for the eyes instead, try to take breaks and do not forget to “blink”; it often happens that we stare at the screen too long, fatiguing the view for too much concentration. Of course it will be your ophthalmologist to recommend any lenses with specific filters, now on the market to cope with the increasing use of video terminals. And if you want to know more about health, here is the link to the INAIL website, where you can download the dedicated brochure.

and don’t forget that those who work with a computer must learn to assume the correct posture, to evaluate the required distances and ultimately to prepare properly / ergonomically their desks.

Good job!

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