There is an amusing story behind Cristina’s name that we would like to tell you.


Cristina is not Cristina’s real name, it’s actually Antonia; which is a very nice name, but in a situation where there are two people in the same office with the same name it can be confusing and the quick fix of just adding a number to the name such as Antonia1, Antonia2 or Antonia3 is not the ideal solution. So, you need to come up with another idea.
Antonia began working for Rossini Illuminazione at the age of 18 and all our workers wear nametags. When Antonia started the blank nametags were all used so she was given one with ‘Cristina’ on it and that is how Antonia became Cristina.
It began as a joke, then people got used to it and finally it stuck. If you start answering the phone and talking to new clients using the name Cristina and presenting yourself with that name then inevitably you become associated with it. For a certain period of time Antonia changed jobs but when she came back to work with us, everyone called her Cristina.
At home however this caused some problems, a group of colleagues once sent her flowers but Antonia’s mother sent them back saying that there was no Cristina at that address. Then of course her husband questioned that fact that she had two names – ‘could there be some suspicious reason behind it?’ he asked. Not at all, the nametag is to blame and anyhow Cristina is a nice name, with an interesting story. You know what happened in the end? Antonia gave birth to a little girl and guess what she called her?…..yes, that’s right!

Meanwhile, Antonia/Cristina keeps doing her job every day, calculating, tracking, organising and keeping everything under control. If that nametag was still around we would write on it; ‘Cristina, with a smile for everyone’.

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