The light for the environment at the Venice Film Festival


The Human Light Circles is an installation by Patrick Kruithof, who, on a stretch of beach on the Venice Lido created charming luminous circles, starting with mathematical ratios applied to the human body. Residents and tourists have participated spontaneously, lending themselves to calculate the distance between the navel and the earth and between two steps.

The circular groove etched in sand from each participant responded to the ratio between these two measures that, magically, resulted in a circle composed of 24 steps.
The prints were the accommodation for a paper bag containing a candle, lit at the end of the work. For two nights, the beach has transformed into a charming luminous landscape, capable of creating a dialogue between the individual and the environment and between the individual and the community.

Again, light and art lend themselves to try to redeem – at least symbolically — our often irresponsible behaviour toward the planet. We should always remember the close bond between our mother earth and us, between man and the elements that allow life, between the way we live and what we leave to those who come after us.


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