The light and a beloved woman… all in one song!


You may suppose it is a love song, but it’s not. It’s a song about a break-up, about a woman, who is no longer loved but also not fully hated yet.

However, for those of you who will listen to it very carefully, it’s about lighting from an almost technical point of view. The question is: neon light or lampshade – what’s better? The beloved woman is able to make the fluorescent tube look like the milky way, while the bedside lamp evokes the couple’s unique and profound intimacy – it’s gone away now, but he will never forget it… There’s one flaw though: light has evolved in the meantime: when will we speak about LED lighting?

The artists in question are Thegiornalisti  (yes, you read it right – just one word), an Italian alternative rock band. The song “Per lei” (For her) is included in their third album, Fuoricampo, which came out in 2014.

Here’s the full lyrics (cool, huh?)

For her the sun shines even in Turin
For her the trees blossom in October
and the city has the same scent as the countryside
For her, thanks to whom the neon is transformed into the milky way
and I hate the neon, but not so much
when it reminds me that
we both love
the lampshade’s light more
For her

You can listen to the song on YouTube  and in case you want to see them performing live, you can check Thegiornalisti’s summer tour dates on their Facebook official page:


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