The day when the wind gave energy to the entire Denmark.


The Denmark has produced all its energy thanks to the strength of the wind. And as if that wasn’t enough they gave some to those who needed it.

This year Denmark has produced so much electricity from renewable sources that it has managed to sell it to its neighbours, giving a big hand to the whole European continent with the aim to reduce to zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The fact, nothing short of remarkable, took place in a particularly windy day for Scandinavia (Thursday, 9 July), when Denmark was able to produce 116% of national electricity needs thanks to the wind, the wind energy. At night, when energy demand of the Danes declined further, as much as 140% was touched. So the country was able to sell the surplus to Germany, Norway and Sweden, also thanks to an efficient connection and distribution electricity system. “This shows that a world fed 100% by renewable energy is not fantasy”, said Joy Oliver, spokesman for the European wind energy associationThe Danish operator Energinet has even announced that wind farms in the country had not even reached their maximum production, totalling an installed capacity of 4.8 gigawatts (GW). All this shows that an increase in the number of wind farms as well as photovoltaic plants could bring Denmark to cover half of its energy needs with renewable sources only well before 2020, the year that Copenhagen has set as a deadline.

Source: LIFEGATE/Tommaso Perrone

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