Taking photos in headlights at night to see


Philong Sovan is a Cambodian photographer who uses his motorcycle headlights to illuminate -and photograph- people and places at night.
At first sight they seem extraordinary images, made with professional lights arranged with expert hand and in a seemingly random way. They aren’t. The quality of light here is the emanation of Sovan’s sensitivity, his glance, the sensitivity and respect with which the lens captures scenes of ordinary, poor life. The result is simple and addictive at the same time, just like in another project of his, where the light source is a computer screen: portraits of faces, without post-production filters, living in the cold glow of a flickering screen. Born in 1986, Philong Sovan seems to be constantly engaged in the search for new inspiration that only light can give. A detail positively surprising, Sovan still speaks of himself with the humility of the neophyte and feels the need to explain, even in words, what he meant to express, what he was looking for, and above all why. Numerous awards, even at international level, for this artist that we are lucky enough to meet with Christian Caujolle in Ferrara, from 2 to 4 October, 2015 at the International Festival.


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