If you do not show, you do not sell


Before becoming RossiniGroup, Rossini Illuminazione was called “Ditta Rossini Otello di Rossini Eugenio & C.”, manufacturer of chandeliers and lighting articles. Eugenio, Paola, Angelo, Adriana… have always believed not only in the value of communication, but in advertising as well. That is why they used to update their catalog every year with photos, products, descriptions and even the date of summer closure that they managed to arrange in January, with peace of mind and without any guilty feelings towards customers and the market in general. Covers were changed in a single detail that was enough to recognize them, year after year: the colour and the background (shaded, divided into millimetres); the size was never changed, in order that pictures could be reused, avoiding waste. Today, looking at these prints makes us smile, because they evidence the reliability, commitment and continuity of a family business able to look into the future.
Today, the Rossini would be defined enlightened entrepreneurs, with a pun that has never been more appropriate.

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