From the catalogue to the magazine


Even back in the day, before the introduction of the first marketing theories from the USA, for Rossini’s company, communication was already a commercial imperative: it never skipped a catalogue, Christmas wishes to its customers every year, as well as sponsoring here and there and introducing the first advertisement on the sector magazines. Regardless of the general trend, year after year, the company took a budget for sales and promotion tools into account, invested in the purchase of advertising spaces on the press, since the first specialized newspapers devoted to the public or professionals, rather than being generalist, were arising. If the company was not satisfied with a single page, it used to agree an editorial space with the publisher (free of charge, but only in respect of a planning table for a fee) where it could tell about the company itself in addition to the products, maybe celebrating a 60th anniversary, an important milestone even in the eighties.

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