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We went rummaging into our company archives and found plenty of curios, such as old catalogues and historical lamps that are highly meaningful for us. All those pieces used to be photographed together, because back then it was important to convey the idea of having many products. It did not seem necessary to divide them according to design, materials and size: they were fine the way they were, all crammed together: glass, rattan, plastic and metal products. However, it would not take much to understand whether they were dedicated to kitchen use or the dining room, bedrooms or corridor.

Orders were simply made through codes and nobody enquired about additional colour options or different product sizes. It was a bit like coffee at the bar: back then, it was just coffee, customers would not order small or large cups, barley or decaffeinated coffee, foam or plain, white or raw cane sugar, long, short, etc.… a cup of coffee was simply a cup of coffee, just like a bedside table piece was a small lamp, ceiling-mounted lamps were placed in corridors, an elegant living room could not be complete without a chandelier, preferably with a latch.

Everything was much simpler then, maybe we were simpler too… and yet, later on we have welcomed systems and design, product types, ergonomics and lifestyle. Everything changes and working well is what matters most.

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