A cover story


On the cover we tell a brief story. Once upon a time there was the “i” of Plexiform, which, though not the brand’s initial, is nonetheless an important element. Partly because it is in the middle of the word and gives a nice rhythm when you read it, and partly because it has the two elements that represent Plexiform’s light today.

The line and the dot. On the one hand, the clean linearity of our aluminium profiles and lighting systems, our legacy and the tradition that our products carry on. On the other hand, the LED spot, the light source, which is today the key for projects and luminaires. The solidity and functionality of aluminium together with the ethereal and imperceptible nature of light.

Today, Plexiform seeks to be this “i”.

Linear, strong and coherent, but also young, dynamic and versatile. It seeks to be this “spot”; indeed, four of them at the same time. The four coloured spots which stand out and illuminate the uniform white carpet seen on the cover. The four souls of the new Plexiform catalogue: four points that are fixed yet projected towards the future.

Plexiform is here. With a brand new catalogue and 4 product sections supporting planning and design.

The range of the approximately 50 product families is divided into four application areas, which, of course, can be combined in accordance with project’s requirements. The lighting sector requires more and more support in the design phase, as well as the development of flexible products. In this catalogue, Plexiform has identified its target and its dedicated content, asking themselves some questions that could put into practice the customer’s needs, from the planning and design phase to the usage tips.


Design aesthetics is a fundamental factor. Light designs spaces and defines volumes.
A chapter entirely dedicated to the lighting design, targeted to architects, lighting specialists, specialized lighting dealer or – why not? – a combination of them working together on a project. Remo, Eiffel, Rift, Sistema 9 and Folio are a few of the architectural luminaires which offer proven, flexible solutions particularly important when design aesthetics is essential to create interior layouts. Visual performance combined with the typically Italian taste for beauty. For a product that stands out not only for its lighting efficiency but also, and above all, for its style. 



Lighting systems for different kinds of environments. Visual comfort for offices; versatility and efficiency for the retail sector.
A chapter which offers lighting solutions for a wide range of environments and applications, from offices to retail and including the domestic sphere. The dynamics of work or sales places is flexible because it depends on many factors: type and size of the space, workstations, common areas and representative rooms. Pluma, Sofy, the new Cielo S9 and Tesis S9, the choice between the Technical luminaires depends on one essential element: the visual comfort. A quality of light that suits to the user needs.



The project calls for particular technical specifications. Key concepts: relamping, large areas, energy efficiency.
A chapter of solutions dedicated to the industrial environments, where tested products are required to develop complex projects for extended areas. Essential plus points? Excellent luminosity, energy efficiency and product solidity. Not forgetting visual impact. Nest, Cool and Pencil combine these features and are recommended in production laboratories, facilities, warehouses, buildings and anywhere a specific technical solution complying with the standards is required.



A sector which requires targeted products. Focus on wellbeing, light for human being.
A chapter for a sector which, more than others, requires dedicated products and specific designing skills, using devices chosen to enhance the quality of light (and therefore of life) in protected environments. Products such as Natura, Hacca and Synto embody the concept of light at the service of human being, following the new idea of lighting, which first and foremost, must “love” the user. Functional lighting… but let us also call it welcoming and emotive light, especially when installed in health centres and sensitive areas.


Plexiform’s new philosophy establishes what, why and how.

What to present in a product catalogue, in terms of variety, technology and quality. How to interact with the market through an Italian production centre by using digital/non-digital communication services and project tools. As in the case of a catalogue necessarily based on a printed edition.

Why to maintain a constant open dialogue with the target audience, knowing that plans and researches bring about a constant development in supply and demand. The interchange between the company and its customers therefore becomes a positive dialogue at a time when market dynamics and other factors have created a particular economic period.

And here it is: a catalogue with a completely new look and content, which shows not only the luminaires but also their functionality, technical features, areas of application, plus referenced projects by Plexiform. The concept of service is positively highlighted in this edition.


Download here the new catalogue.